Wide Stone Slabs

Stone Slabs

Stone Slabs have several kinds of colors including gray stone slabs,stone slabs brown,stone slabs in green, black and stone slabs.
Banjarnegara one of the largest stone slabs gray brown and stone slabs of black that many enjoy doing us one type of material of residential buildings and offices, so that the stone slabs lot of selling in urban areas as a from that the stone slabs had been in the interest of urban communities to decorate house building.Stone slabs are also widely used as a building on a project using stone slabs in large quantities.
For those of you who are looking for a stone slabs to contact us, because we produce stone slabs of Banjarnegara Central Java who have served many customers in urban areas. The stone slabs which we produce two types of color is brownish gray stone slabs and stone slabs of black color of all kinds of sizes, from stone slabs random machine cut stone slabs and stone slabs stacked serit types are cut manually.
Of the several types of stone slabs which we have mentioned above have been widely used as building on projects in urban areas.

Stone Slabs color gray
Stone slabs

Stone slabs black color
Stone slabs

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